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the two of you are in here. Stephanie begins to speak but you cover her mouth. You whisper into her ear, ‘We have got to stay quiet.’ Claire continues pounding at the door. You begin pacing in the room. Stephanie begins to get up. But you walk over to her and push her back down again. ‘Stay very quiet,’ you pause, ‘we should even hide in case she


tough. Still, we agreed to get some dinner after meeting. I was driving and suggested we rent a movie and get drive thru instead….I wasn’t sure about Sara and was good if she just wanted to go back to her dorm. She agreed on the movie and drive thru and she seemed not to care. We got to my apartment and started watching the movie while eating. I

My Punjabi Girl Friend - 1

minutes she got up and eased herself from my cock as my semi hard tool plopped out of her dripping pussy. My cum now dribbled from her pussy down her legs to her heels. We chatted for some time and told me that she loved the way I fuck her more than her hubby. Promising me such more encounters in future she left to meet her newly wedded husband.

A Fresh Start in Dark Water

touched one of them to my lips. It was hot and wet from the water and I sucked it in. My mouth opened as wide as I could manage and I sucked in as much of her breast as would fit. She held my head and moaned out loud. I knew who she was and I resisted smiling at the knowledge. She slowly lowered herself and impaled herself on my cock. I have no

Lisas Transformation 15-16

the dildo, so she pushed deeper even faster. She felt the dildo move in her womb and it caused horrible pain. One could see it moving inside her and also pushing aside everything else that was trapped inside her for over three days now. Already unable to see or think straight Lisa pushed down the last bit of dildo and felt the plug in her ass

The Cave In Winter Wonderland

softly rubbed against my nose. It reminded me of the Eskimo kisses when I was a child. However, this was far more sensual. Our lips touched, and he was gentle in how he kissed me. It was so erotic, to see the pure lust that he kept subdued in his eyes.I unwrapped my legs from Jacques' torso as he sucked my tongue into his mouth. His cock trapped

Aussie Teen Discovers His Homo Hunger - Part 2

They were drinking beer and mixed drinks, and eating snacks from the bar. Then Luke said, “You know guys, Toby and the new boy haven’t gotten off yet, and I’d like to see them in action together, for a little entertainment. Go on boys, get up there and show us how you can suck each other’s little dicks, and anything else that you want to.” Toby

An Adventure in Home Depot

it would be hard to tie knots in, but not too thin either, because it would be too hard to untie the knots. I ran the different fibres across the inside of my wrist, the most delicate skin that was readily available. The sisal was completely out, that would have left horrible rope burn and been incredibly itchy. The cotton clothesline felt

Mondays Child

off all of my clothes except for my thigh high stockings and heels and walk… no, strut… out onto my deck. It’s Monday and almost midnight – time for me to perform and for you to observe and appreciate. I get comfortable in a soft patio chair. I enjoy the feeling of the nice breeze on my body, which is also bathed in moonlight. .We are close to a

Without Remorse Ch. 06

Straightening up in the seat he told her, ‘I’m not parked, I’m waiting for someone.’ ‘Sorry Sir but you can’t wait here. Please move on.’ Getting angry he said, ‘I will as soon as the person I’m waiting for comes down.’ ‘This is a no parking or waiting area between nine and six thirty, please move on or I’ll be forced to write you a ticket.’

Such good friends; Chapter 1--Beth

his pants. Beth buttoned up her blouse and they left. She didn’t bother to replace her bra, even though her dark nipples could be seen through the fabric as her tits bounced and jiggled while she walked with him back to his car.When they got in his car, Beth slid over before he could start the car and kissed him hard and rubbed his cock through

Problems Shared

the breeze fashioned her sun dress against her curves, she was stacked, physically at least, and she gave the impression that her contribution to an intelligent conversation would be, ‘Do you want fries with that?’ I threw her a ‘good morning’ as I passed her, nothing unusual with that, I throw these at most people that I pass on my morning walk.

A Weekend to remember Part 2

be an eight-hour sleep. Two times he woke up and felt her warm soft body lying next to him bringing thoughts of the night before. ‘It’s about time you woke up, sleepy head,’ Jenny said. She was standing in the door of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head but naked other wise. ‘Sleepy Head? During the week I get up at 1 AM when I’m

The one I met on the internet part 2

ass. She has been a good slut but this is causing me a problem and will eventually make me get rid of her, which would be a shame as she is very willing and able to gratify me in other ways""Well yes George, there are treatments that can solve this problem but is it what Linda wants?" the Doctor said.George quickly answered "My slut is here to

Fucking with Mum and Dad

we watched, Lee licked and sucked and Mum moaned and groaned. The position was obviously uncomfortable for them both, and Mum moved so that she was lying back on the settee with her legs open wide. Dad and I just stared as Lee moved in for the kill, burying his face as far as he could in her pussy mound and pushing his tongue as far as he could

The Bet

out of the house he was smiling "Ed have a joint and relax man, I guess so I'm finished". Tina assumed he meant peeing actaully he had set up recording equipment in the bedroom.Ralph started the conversation about the cock issue Jerome finally spoke “Tina we need a woman who will be happy to take the whole cock”. Tina smiled “What about your girl

The Halloween Fraternity Party

man in the car stopped beside me. I look over his direction and I lick the length of the dildo and slowly suck the tip into my mouth and back out over my lips and down my neck to my cleavage. Tracing each breast with the head of the dildo I watch as his jaw drops open as he’s can’t help but watch my every move. I place the dildo back in the bag;

My sex slave/sister Emily

It’s time to suck your brother's cock you bitch" she said as she removed Emily's mask. Kristen and I were both completely naked except for the leather we had on. Kristen started to hold open Emily's mouth and said "come show your sister who her Master is, let her know that you're in control".With that I stepped forward and shoved my cock down my

Live Strong (Part Two)

girl boxer short and one of brads shirts on and he got up and got his original clothes on. You are so incredible you know that? I said as we both got back into bed and I laid my head down on his chest and yawned. How am I incredible? He asked and wrapped his arms around me kissing the top of my head. I dont know. Your personality, your looks,

Just a little something I wrote awhile back

My ass would be throbbing, and tears would be stinging my eyes. He’d slowly push me off his lap, and onto my knees on the floor. He’d take the panties from my mouth just long enough to tell me to clean up my mess. He’d push me down, and I’d start by licking his feet, then up his calves to his knees, then up his thighs, until I’d cleaned up every

it all started in 2005

the tub Kelly rang hello oh hi its Kelly, hi its Kim`s Dad, Kelly, Kim is in the hot tub shall I call her, no its ok shall we pick her up this afternoon? I said acutely it would be easier if we picked you up as I might have to go out and see some other people about next week, Ok I will tell my dad bye and she hung up. Kim finish up in the tub I

Yvonne Works for Tips

with metal straps, piled a little more than knee high and covered by an 8 ft. by 12 ft. sheet of thick plywood. After leading you around, Marcus puts his hands on your hips and lifts you effortlessly up on the flat surface.One of Donovan's other football buddies puts a CD into the player, and as the primordial rhythm of the bass and drums fill

Morning Surprise

my other side, trapping his arm underneath my slender body as I placed my arm over his muscular chest. I also moved my leg over his, bending my knee slightly as I did. I looked up at his chiselled face, then to his bold hazel eyes which were almost identical to mine. Then I looked up at his short, straight blonde hair, admiring it with my gaze.

Would you make me a discount??

he had a hard-on. “So, what do you think?” He asked me smiling. I was about to tell him that it appeared that he had a nice dick but then I realized that he was asking about the shoes. “It fits perfect. But price is bit high though, you could maybe give me a discount?” “I would love to, but my boss would kill me if I did that.” He watched as my

mrs fielding sees the snake

her hot wet mouth.inch by seems to stretch her mouth wider.she works it well(only part way in)but i can feel it slowley stiffening.harder now and harder but still not fully erect.her hand massaging my balls and the other supporting my cock as she feeds it in and she moves she alternates her eyes from me to my cock and back again.i

James & Sarah in The Bed

she had been unable to ignore and had taken back to the halls of residence she was living in for her first year at university. That girl was Imogen, and she became the catalyst for some great changes within Sarah’s life. Her halls had been hell to live in. The guys she shared living space with just wanted to fuck her, the girls resented her for

The Rogue's Harem Book 3, Chapter 9: Iron Fury

scratching across the surface. Doing nothing to me. He couldn't hurt me. I just had to hit him and his damned black, shadow-bleeding armor. I would cut him in half.“Right, right, soooooo eager,” he sneered. He paused, staring at me as I raised my weapon. “That's why she fled you. That's why she came to me. She begged me for help. Together, we

Gold Digger (the pilot)

Ada bought a new computer after the signing of the contracts. It was before the checks arrived. She was the only one who had faith in the QE2 crew. ‘Anybody want more coffee?’ Miles asked as he walked to the kitchen. ‘Damn it Miles, stop stalling,’ Louise said. Miles grabbed a can of coke from the refrigerator then pulled up a chair behind the

Serial Cocksucker - A Short Story

Gawd, was it good, almost indescribable. Then I heard him moan and grunt, as he held the final thrust deep in me, as he came.Over the next couple of months, we met a total of three times in the same motel. During the third meeting, he told me his temporary assignment at Camp Lejeune was over and he was being shipped out. He fucked me harder than

Blind Faith Ch. 07

He had not said anything nor had I. He then took up a wide leather strap and swished it about, he smiled at me. He had a quizzical look on his face. ‘Ok give me your best,’ I invited him to him me. ‘Where?’ He asked. ‘Anywhere.’ I replied. Several lashes later my tits and thighs were cherry red and we were both panting, come was oozing out his

Jill and Hob’s Micromanaged Romance

to that evening and being with her not just riding buses together. * Chapter Three: The Second Date It was Sunday afternoon and Jill was having a fashion dilemma. What to wear to church with Hob? Should she wear slacks and a sweater top or dress up again. Remembering how Hob looked at her and complimented her on her dress she pulled out her


well what my answer would be. Her suntan really was as good as she had said. It suited her skin and she had the complexion to go with it. ‘Now the zip,’ she said turning her back to me so I could help with her slacks. Very excited by now I pulled them down to her ankles, running both my hands over her smooth legs. Underneath she wore a tiny pair

Attaining Joy

as Curt filled my ass with his beautiful cock. It felt right, as right as anything had felt in my life. I was still tight enough that it hurt a little bit, but it was the greatest pain I’d ever felt. Curt eased his prick in and out of my ass, gradually picking up speed and I not only felt filled up by him, but I felt fulfilled as a woman and a

Ella and Eric | Part 2

and I think that I should receive the reward.” I said with a smile. “Do you now?” He said as he pressed his body against mine, squishing me between the wall and him. His cock was now fully hard again. “Yes, I do. And so does your little friend.” I said, referring to his dick. He laughed a little and then he surprised me, he gave in. He sat down


of pleasure just running up and down the shaft of my cock as he worked. Inside, in my whole public area I started to feel a pleasant tightness and anxietey and another sensation starting to grow and build. It started to feel like when you have to pee, but not quite like that. My cock got harder still and started to throb. Joe took my dick all

Enigmatic Rendezvous

woman smiled coyly as her dark red hair fell languorously around her chest. The curled crimson framed her breasts as she sauntered over to the bed. Her legs moved with a certain grace that caused his jeans to tighten. His bulge was prominent even in the low light and her lips were a full red in anticipation. He lay shirtless on her bed, his hands

Jimmy's Discovery Part 2

she closed her eyes."I don't know sir. Your father would usually use a ball gag and spank me but I haveto work now so I really don't know sir.""Well I understand you are going to work but you need to realize thatI will not tolerate you breaking the rules. Am I understood?""Yes sir." she replied."Good. Now you are going to walk around to the side

Miles Apart > Chapter 1 > Circumstances of kink

common.Fast forward a few weeks. He ended up replying to me, adding me on Skype, and of course we had a few good calls that would last between four and five hours, in which we'd discuss our transition from kids to the full-on teenagers with a life plan. With each and every call I found him funnier, smarter, and just closer to what we'd define as

Spring Break

pumped a few times. I pulled out and applied more suntan lotion. I jabbed my cock back in her ass. Fuck it was tight. She did ask at some point, slurring her words "What the fuck are you doing?" I said "Exactly that." I pumped slow at first, slowly picking up the pace. I pumped and pumped. I was banging her ass hard and fast. I grabbed her hips

Charity At Work 4 : Learning the Hard Way

it. He was huge and he was gentle.Ever so slowly George pushed his massive cock into my rear end. He filled me up in a way only handful of men ever had. It was superb. He took his time easing his entire length into me> Inch by delicious inch my ass opened up to accept all of him.When he was fully inside me, George started to take his time

The Babysitter

bed. She licks her lips thinking about how to play with her newly found passions.Jared shrugs as he watched his responsibility skip to her room with a box of dildos and other toys. He turns and walks into the living room where he sits in an easy chair and turns on the T.V. He turns on the playstation he found and began a game of Final Fantasy 7.

Learning about girls (Rewrite)

pull away quickly and gasp. Im sorry, did that hurt? I ask so sorrily. She chuckles lightly and reassures me, No, it actually felt really good. With that she grabs my hand and guides it back to her pussy, she lays my fingers flat on her lips and starts them in a circular motion. She leans back, her eyes rolling with pleasure and lets go of my

Valentines Day Wife

on the opposite side of the lobby. Still naked! She stood watching me through the glass for seconds, her eyes flicking back and forth between my face and penis, almost as though she was trying to decide between yes and no. ‘People get arrested for that,’ she said pointing at my cock after she’d finally opted for opening the door. ‘I better put it

Kelly Chapter 1, The Beginning: Our Awakening

the first time in years, I was in a welcoming pussy. I tried to not move and just savor the sensations I was feeling. But horniness and instinct took over as I started slowly sliding in and out of heaven.Because I had worked her close to orgasm orally, Kelly was on the edge. As I increased my pace she started to breathe heavily. Her moans were

FAQ: How Can You Write This?

family, and living out the completion of my other need: I am almost two months pregnant! Wheee! I can’t believe it sometimes, but it is true and I am totally loving it. Being loved and feeling that love growing in me is unspeakably wonderful yet I still have issues to work out and feelings to try to express to myself. I really appreciate my

Small Town Whore

pull away before she ran over and locked the door, turning around the sign to read, ‘Closed’. She was anxious, as always, to get home to Amanda and to change out of her work clothes. Tonight though, she was also looking forward to changing into a pair of dry panties. * * * * * When she’d gotten home, Hannah saw Miss Elsie off, thanking the old

Softball Dad Ch. 01

work and dedication. She was good with kids. The team had girls from 4th to 5th grades. The kids listened to her and respected her. No one cared a lot about winning or losing. They came here to have fun. Shirley squatted down and had the kids form a semi-circle around her. She was talking to the kids eye to eye. From Jim’s vantage point on the

Danny And The Black Twins

weather that made Danny Codwallop horny.  He walked quickly through the doors of the Fuggledix Community College, and headed for the central atrium.  The administration office was just on the other side of the indoor courtyard, with its tropical trees reaching halfway to the glass roof four stories above, and this was the last week to register

College Locker Room

the dressing room looking very sexy in his old football shorts and no shirt. He offered me a head start but I refused. ‘I climb fair and square,’ I said. I may have forgotten to mention to him how much time I spent at the rock wall in my free time. Off we went and I kicked his ass. We climbed hard and were quite sweaty, We went to the changing

Locker Room Lust

and he was definitely checking me out! He was right across from my locker, standing there with a towel in one hand, but totally naked. And he was definitely into me! I’m bisexual and my gay desires are almost always limited to black guys, but this time was different. He was white, in his mid 30s just like me, he had long brown hair and a nice

A black boxer likes to cuckold white guys by seducing their wives

realitycame shooting back. Before I could taste the sweetnectar of my latest target I would have to beat theconfident husband; no, not beat the husband but totallydominate the smug fighter. I walked over to the fighter as the last of theannouncements were being made and while the beautifulwife was kissing her husband one last time rubbed mygloved

Winter Solstice

under her feet. He could see her glistening pussy...his target....he plunged deep inside her in one thrust. She began to moan long and low...her eyes slightly rolled back into her head. He could not stop nor slow down at this point. He fucked as hard and as fast as he could. She pushed her hips back. To meet his thrusting and her moans became

Debt and its high price parts 1-7

she says walking back through the main room and into the second room. It looks to be about two stories tall, but then again did dungeons measure by the standard 10 feet to a story? She Remebered that he called it a min-library, but it didnt look miniature to her, it had 3 ladders to get to the books towards the top, and so many shelfs, and they

A geeky girl gets what she asks for

As I had recovered a bit from my orgasm it was now my turn to make him feel good. I turned him over and quickly got rid off his clothes. I almost tore them apart in the process. I wanted to see and feel his cock directly not only through his pants. As soon as his cock was in view I began stroking it with my right hand and I caressed his balls

Chamois 2

Will hadn't called and hadn’t even returned her call or sent a simple text message. Was he daft? Jasmine was accustomed to being pursued. She had never dealt with being ignored. This was a different experience or rather, non-experience.Fran suggested another drive by might jolt him and get a response. Perhaps the buyer appeared too stuffy

A Victorian Pony Girl part 3

cobbles and the wind blew cold on her exposed nipples making them tingle and harden, she saw the people and realised she was naked in public yet they barely noticed her, she was sweating, her lungs about to burst and then suddenly she was going home to the Hall. She saw May, Lady Acheron also in Pony attire arrive pulling a larger cart with Lord

The Date Experiment

looking at me because I’m what he wants to look at. Even soaking in the rain. ‘I don’t think I know how to be around you anymore, Ella,’ he admits and his voice catches. Terror brushes my heart like icy fingers. ‘You can’t go, Ben. Fuck that. No, I won’t let you go.’ ‘I can’t pretend anymore, though.’ His glare is getting mean, but I know it’s

Strict Schooling 3

the toilet and put a hand to the seeping lips between her thighs. Oh God this was going to be good. So good that it was almost worth all that pain. Well, almost...oOoWhen they came to a wider section of the track, Tara drew her horse up alongside her friend's. “A bit ahead there's a glade on the left. Do you fancy a pit-stop, Sam?”“A

Felix Driscoll Redux

two would be married by now.’ He looked like my words wounded him. I hated to see an old friend in such raw pain. ‘It’s been fifteen sixteen years since we got out of school,’ he said in almost a whisper. His cigarette had gone out in his hand. He looked down at it and tossed it in the ashtray. Bobby’s eyes shined but not a tear fell. ‘I think

Not An Everyday Shave

pussy beautifully and I hungered for more of him. I leaned down and grabbed his shoulders and pressed down into him and let out a loud moan. I could feel and hear my pussy juices with each motion thrusting on top of him. He was moaning and pushing me further onto of his cock, deeper, wetter. My one hand went to his hair grabbing it and my other

Sea of Ecstasy

up at me he eased his thumbs under the waistband and said, “Lift your hips baby.” I did as he said and he began pulling down my panties until they left the ends of my toes and floated to the floor. “Damn woman! You got a pretty pink pussy and shaved bare, just the way I like it,” he said while letting his eyes take it all in.“Oh my god, I’m not

Getting the Cheerleader

started bobbing up and down on his cockand she was good, too. In no time, he had an orgasm build up, and when he came, he held his hands on the back of her head on his dick so that she wouldnt pull away and was forced to swallow most of it. She pulled away from his now shriveled cock, gasping, and collapsed on the bed, breathing, and she watched

The Trainer

R Us store, looking for a birthday gift for my 10 year old niece. As I stood in the middle of an aisle with dolls looking up at the displays on the top shelf, suddenly a cart banged into me almost knocking me over. When I recovered I saw a woman whom I recognized as a neighbor and her two young girls, aged about 7 and 10. I had never met her but

i was pleased to help

out, commenting that as I was naked she ought to be.Seeing her ripe breasts full and firm with big dark nipples helped me to regain an erection even quicker.Rosie started kissing my cock nervously, licking along the underside and kissing my balls which I love whilst rubbing her hand up and down my length.I was soon back to a full erection and it

A crush on my lesbian sisters

me getting myself off with my finger! I was fit to burst, and looked at the others; there was me on my bed sleeping, although Manju had obviously homed in on some particular parts of me; a close-up of my own butt; and although I was mortified that my sister had these images on her phone, I felt a pang of pride, seeing my assets from a third

Daniella Defiled

So she remained seated on his kitchen chair, naked and waiting. Her ankles had been secured with thin nylon rope to the outside of either front chair-leg, heels propped up in her stiletto sandals, so that her thighs were splayed wide. A sleek state-of-the-art vibrator had been plunged deep into her pussy, so that the protrusion at the base might

Not Myself Tonight

and have time to myself. No work, no talking to anyone, no computer. Just peace and quiet. As soon as I got through the door, I headed straight to my bedroom, grabbed my towel, and went to start the water for a bath. I waited impatiently until the water filled up enough, then carefully stepped in, and sunk down, the arms of warm water embracing

A Box Full Of Honey

the table for her pleasure. "Do you want to lick it a bit first or just put your tongue straight in?" I replied, desperate for her to taste my honey. "Tell me it's all mine." "It's yours and nobody else's. Have it whichever way you'd like." "What would you prefer?" "Do both. Lick it a bit first then push your tongue deep into it," I giggled.

Indian Volleyballers Part II

me much more than I deserved.” As he spoke, he stroked her hair and fondled her ample breasts. Naina smiled and cuddled closer to Rick. After a few minutes, Rick’s breathing slowed and deepened. He relaxed the hold he had on her breast. Trying not to disturb him, Naina reached down and placed her hand on Rick’s flaccid cock. As he dozed, she


at the crease of her thigh, not touching where she most wants me. Teasing is part of the game. The movement of her hips goes from swaying to rotating so that the curves of her ass brush against my straining cock. I clench my jaw to stop the groan I know she wants to hear. I move our joined hands from her breast, twirling her around to face me. I

The Walk Home

and I always walk home together from our classes we take at the local college. It was a Thursday, a very fine Thursday at that and as per usual I found Georgia waiting for me at the corner next to the College. As I walked past she started walking with me and Georgia told me the news that she had made the college soccer team. Georgia is not only


his California firm had designed. Like me, Jon was bisexual, and after several dates we became intimate. Sometimes I joined him in his hotel room, and sometimes he would come to my house. Because I’m a total bottom, our usual routine consisted of me sucking his cock while masturbating. Occasionally Jon felt like sucking cock and we played 69.


like a curvy bosomy figure under her long dark coat. She was definitely one who would catch the eye no matter where she went and I had noticed her a couple of times in here. But women like that were usually married with two point four kids and a nice house in suburbia. Must be nice to go home after a long day at work to some serious pussy like

Idylls of the Lady Ch. 3

into her pretty little pussy. She screamed in pleasure as her Daddy moaned. ‘Oh, Heather. You feel so good, you little slut. Just like your mother was. A fucking whore!’ Heather was getting turned on by the words. She was a whore and she took pleasure in it as she ro-tated her pussy on her daddy’s cock. ‘Come on, Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me like the

Ealing Girl

"Mine first; I'll need a change of clothes for tonight and for tomorrow. We can decide whether to stay there or go to yours. Where is it, by the way?" "I've a flat in Clapham, top floor, view of the railway lines into Clapham Junction Railway Station. And only four miles to the Cross Keys pub in Hammersmith.  Have you been there?" "No! Why does


In his knot went. My whole body quivered. I was in heaven. My ass was full of cock again. I started to quickly jerk my cock. Soon, both of us where cumming. My cock was hanging below me and throbbing. Max’s cock pumped, and pumped more cum into my ass. I had a good lock on his knot. He wasn’t going anywhere until I was satisfied. About 30 minutes

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 02 [Exposing myself]

very lucky to have a wife like me. I was very sure that he seemed to be eyeing me at times. Couldn’t blame him. It was partly my hubby’s fault because he was the one who changed my style of dressing. So I ended up dressing very free and casual, even when he was around our place. Guessed we were both guilty! Sometimes, I would wear an oversized

Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me

poured her and me some soda, wanting to give her a decent look at my cock I opened the refrigerator door and stood in front of it letting the light shine on me. What are you girls going to do tomorrow? I asked while taking in the sight of her standing facing me in the dim light. Her eyes still on my cock she answered I think we are going to hang

The Cheerleader and the Captains

always Jeff Hardy, because I associated with him so well. He was an outcast, misunderstood and underestimated by many, until they challenged him and went toe to toe with him, that is. That was how I was growing up, shy and reserved in general, but a fierce competitor who despised losing lay just below the surface, ready to explode at a moment’s

Bianca meets Diamico - part one

finger inside me."Oh, god, yes Diamico! Please be careful though. I'm a virgin." He stopped and looked at me."Really? I thought someone as gorgeous as you would have surely have had sex before." He leaned back down and started fingering me again. I continued to moan. He stopped fingering me right before I reached climax. I looked down and seen

The Importance of Sophie, Preface

to heighten our conjoined pleasure.She ends our embrace; “Fuck! Your dick is so good!” She exclaims amidst gasps. She clasps her legs around my body, locking me in. She continues, looking me straight in the eyes this time, “Fuck my hot cunt harder daddy.” Oh shit.My mind went into overdrive. I have a serious thing for the daddy kink, and this was

My Girlfriends Adventures at the Porn Theater

pussy has taken. I want her to take even more. The guy who had eaten her pussy slides back between her legs and asks me for a condom. I hand him one and he puts it on. He slides his cock in her, which is about average and starts to fuck her pussy. He is taking his time, I know he won’t last very long inside her young pussy. It only takes about

At the glory hole

light in the next room. You try to muffle your moans and cries but are unable to. You bite at your lower lip. Then to your surprise, you see something at the hole, but it is not an eye or a face. You see an erect cock very near the hole, with a hand stroking it. You look at me wondering what to do, but I am oblivious, knowing nothing but the

Strangers Part 1

by the sight of it, he lowers himself till his cock's head hovers at the verge of her slit. Running the head up the fold of her lips she arcs her back in delight. The dome rubs tiny circles around her clit and she almost cums with excitement. His shaft quivers as he run the tip of his dick against the very edge of her slit before slowly entering

Building stronger relationships part 1

begin to take place as I begin to pump my aunt harder my thighs smack against her ass and I can feel me about to cum“Cum inside me honey finish inside your naughty aunt”I give a few last strokes before burying my cock deep into her pussy and releasing a huge load inside my and this was the best sex I have ever had she colapses on to me as she

A Wonderful Hour

with his hands behind his head and his cock jutting out. I don’t need telling that he wants a good blowjob. I straddle his legs and strip off my clothes, my big double G’s hanging over his cock and my nipples rubbing against his balls. I take him deep into my mouth, swallowing as I deep throat him and pushing my boobs against him. I take more and

My continuing story

smile.Back in Emily’s flat, she was true to her word and put her uniform back on, we had wild mad sex for an hour and half before she noticed the time and said I should be going, before Ted locks up. As I was leaving I passed Ted as he was about to start his rounds, we exchanged a greeting and he asked where I was staying, I said I hadn’t yet

Moth Ch. 010

they said. Learned to walk in almost no time.’ Black laughed darkly. Lei cringed with shame on the beetle’s behalf. She had no doubt that they had chosen to equalise crawling stage with walking stage, since, for a spider, the nature of the gait would be the same. ‘As soon as I had learned to say ‘food’, the council taught me to walk from door to

My Irish Virgin Part 1

on the beach that Nora talks about every now and then? Yes Dr. Thomas, Im the … Danny, she interrupted, its Carol for you too. I answered innocently, Yes Carol, Im the guy she watches on the beach so he doesnt get lost. Carol laughed as the Bobby started yelling, Swing Nor, swing. No Bobby, said Carol, Ill swing you in a little while. Nora said,

Fathers Day

scooted up so her face was close to Meggies ass and took a long lick up the girls crack. Mommy! Stop! That tickles! squealed Meggie as she wiggled on top of her father. Hold still, baby. Let me get you cleaned off. Alex took another lick, this time capturing a big drop of Marks cum. Mmm, yummy. Alex licked every drop of cum off her young


as they went. “Oh cripes, we really are whores now, aren’t we?” said Kelly. “Oh, let’s just think of it as a fun hobby that pays off. After all, we didn’t fuck anybody.” “Mary – please let’s do this again. I absolutely loved today.” “Honey, I don’t give a good goddamn if he pays us or not – let’s wait a month and then come around again.

Still Some Wishes

until I was forty years of age I was pretty much heterosexual because I was married and afraid to bring an STD home. As I am moving deeper into my middle years I am coming to the conclusion that I am more gay than straight. Not that I don’t love sex with women. I do. There is still nothing more welcome to me than a warm wet vagina. But

Two Three One Ch. 02

everything he had gained. Still, as he grew to know her better he came to understand that even if she didn’t want to proceed in such a direction with him, she would rebuff him very gently, and redouble her efforts to maintain their friendship. This belief gave him the confidence to at least make the attempt, even as he prayed that it wouldn’t end

Love’s Song Ch. 01

unsure how to respond. I think I managed a ‘thank you,’ before moving off the bench onto the chair I had set up and gesturing for him to take a seat. I know I got out the Schaumm’s level ‘A’ piano book and started babbling like an idiot about how I had learned with this book, so even though I couldn’t see the notes of the songs, I knew them well

Incest Games Chapter 11

the huge cock she was holding, and biting her lips, guided its pulsing head into the caress of her pubic hairs. "It's so big, so big." But the blunt tip dug up into the small crotch, and Jenny saw it slowly going inside Jean's mini-pussy. Bit by bit, as the girl squirmed to make it fit, the bulb pushed on

2am Footfalls

of her breath on my neck and then another exhalation on my thigh. "It fucks me," she said again and I felt her mouth at mine and another mouth wrap around my cock. "It fucks me," she said, moving upwards to straddle my mouth with her cunt. As I slid my tongue inside her I felt my cock stiffen and an unseen, unseeable mouth slide up and down me. I

Brunette Stewardess

GOD! I thought to myself I need to sleep!!! As she walks by again, I get up casually and ask if we can both talk. We than proceed to the very back of the plane. I close the curtain and slowly look at her. I didn’t notice until now, but her body was one of the best things I have ever seen. I slowly started to caress her cheek and hair. She

College Party

I could just imagine that happening tonight. Stacey came back with the beers. "Thanks Stac" i said as i took the cap off of my beer. I took a sip and looked behind me. I laughed as Nick and Ashely went upstairs. I know what there doing up there. I grinned. Stacey must have known what i was thinking because she said, "You know kevin why don't we


his eyes were open again, watching the increasingly raunchy action on the screen. The woman was now being gang-banged by the three men and one of them was jacking himself off furiously over her face. My masturbatory technique changed as I gripped Paul’s cock over his bell-end, using just my thumb and two fingers. My strokes were a little faster

14 Days of Valentines

really intend on getting any. She figured ‘T’ would just bring his own. DAY 13 – Feb 13th The day before Valentine’s Day Martina had a big party at her house. It was her traditional annual event. And Maria was really looking forward to it. Just before leaving school Maria received her official Valentine from her husband Harry. An officer from

Mistress Kitty

tells him, “Roll over, boy.”Kneeling beside him with her ass in the air, she takes his little cock in her mouth and tells him to continue fucking her. He is pushing all of that cock in and out faster and faster. You can hear her juices, it's so sloppy. She sucks him into her mouth, easily taking all of him. Taking him down her throat in one swift

Strip Pool

thin, prickly bristles that went completely around it. She bought it to put a little curl and body in her hair, Dave liked the big hair look sometimes, but Dave found out that he could both roll it over as well as drag it across her skin. It was a weird, but exciting feeling, particularly when she was blindfolded. The brush alternated between

My Lady Says Goodbye (First Afternoon)

quite dormant and were withdrawn. I had been on the edge of ejaculation now for a long time, and the need was overpowering for me to be relieved. I was alone on the "stage" and overcome with the desire to beat off in public. So I sat against the pillows, then lifted my arse onto them. Reading my mind, the door lady mounted the platform and held

Sleepless Nights

on the tv or reading a bit to try to make myself drowsy, but nothing seemed to work. The weather was warm so I thought why not go for a short walk. Maybe the fresh air would make me drowsy enough to go back to sleep. I sleep in the nude except for a soft t-shirt I wear, so I had to slip on a pair of lounging pants before I went out. We lived in


My whines weakened and quieted as my strength and will failed. I was helpless under them. I was going to have their child."You recognize Master? I thought you would. We saw you sneaking glances at him during the audition. We both thought yours was the best. Not because you're such a great actress, which I'm sorry to say you're not. It was a good

My Girlfriend Shoved A Vibrator Up My Ass!

I had, by far, the best looking girlfriend of any of the guys and one of the hottest girls on our entire campus, which is nationally known for gorgeous girls.Sex with Jennifer was more than amazing. Her sexual appetite was voracious and insatiable. I thought about sex all the time, or so I had thought, but amazingly Jennifer seemed to think about

Picnic With Karen Ch. 5

place! I opened the car door for Karen and gathered her up in my arms. She squealed with delight, ‘Dave, were’ not married you know, you don’t have to do this’! ‘Maybe, but only right that I should carry the virgin to the sacrificial bed’. She giggled, and carrying her inside found that the place was only of one room, huge ceiling beams,large

Breaking In And Getting Caught

to her senses. Meg began to lick her tongue up and down her mothers hairy pussy, before she began to suck and lick deeper into her mothers inner depths. Molly knew it was wrong, but the feel of her daughters mouth and tongue as she was being eaten out was pushing her unexpectedly into a deliciously pleasurable orgasm. Making her push herself

Gardening with Mother In Law part3

her belly.                    I grabbed a tube of good old' KY and really lubed her ass then grabbed a vibrator lubed it real good and slowly inserted it in her butt. Again she complained at first since it was stretching her but hushed after she relaxed.  Once I got it in I twisted the bottom and turned it on.  She went crazy!! She  began to

A different christmas carol

goes around comes around.”Suddenly a fourth person entered the room from behind Emma. Emma turned around and couldn’t believe what she saw. There was Chad standing in the complete nude apart from a Santa on his head. Upon his entrance the three girls went into catcalls. “Umm I know what I want for Christmas.” “I can’t wait to unwrap that.” “It’s

Summer of "69"

up and down as he sucked mine, so I reached over and put it in my mouth. It tasted a little salty, but it felt so right. I sucked it up and down, trying to take it all in. Every sense in my body was tingling and rushing. I couldn't remember ever feeling this way.Robby let my cock pop out of his mouth. He circled his tongue around the head several

Love and Lust: Sibling Complications

obliged, pushed more fingers up inside her and rubbing even faster. I wrapped my arm around her, holding her against me as I worked my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. She buried her face in the side of my neck, trying to stifle her moan.Finally, her smooth thighs clamped around my hand, her juices soaked my fingers, and she bit my

Did he get caught?

says all of them seem to enhance the size and hardness of the nipples. She could she why one wouldn’t wear the bra out in public. My mom asked her about wearing it for the teen cutting grass? Betty says I’m just being a tease. Eventually my mother suggested they both wear their new sheer bra, next week, and they could compare notes. I was

A Toys Touch pt.2

on your desk go out and have a fun day and we will talk to you later. Love Mom Maddy drags her feet back into her room, muttering to herself ‘Stupid assholes making plans on my birthday. Whatever I’ll just go and have a good time without them’ she though as she removes her pj’s and picks out an outfit. She put on a blue push-up bra which


handsome and she could not seem to prevent herself from following his every move as he jogged ahead of her. She loved his long muscular legs and tight ass; not to mention his well toned body, dark hair and ,of course, those Paul Newman baby blue eyes of his. A dozen or more runners were out today and she took her usual pace. There he was! A half

My Neighbors Daughter Part 8

anything before. Suzy giggled and said, “I’m not a little girl, of course I know what sex is, me and my mommy play with each other’s pussies all the time.”I asked, “can I play with your pussy?” Suzy didn’t say anything, she just opened her legs as wide as she could, the light from the bedside light gave me a clear view of her young bald cunt.

Horny boy



still taking care of me.’ Raul explained that he had been a Sargento Mayor in the Argentinian Cavalry, had retired and had become a part of an organization of military men who resettled the MIA’s in Argentina and other countries across the world. He told Cory that three of his Gauchos were ex-Green Berets of Mexican birth. Cory had Raul bring

Raining On Sunday

under the covers. My eyes landed on the window and I scowled. ‘Stupid rain.’ It could have rained all damn week, but noooo. It had to rain on the one day I had made special plans with the love of my life. ‘Stupid rain!’ I said with more force and closed my eyes to block out the sight. I must have drifted off again because the next thing I knew,

Home Alone Horny and Busted pt 3

them the soft wet pink inner lips. ‘Please, I’m begging for your cocks to penetrate me anywhere you want’ Somebody reached around and placed a rubber gag ball into my mouth and secured it tightly. A soft ‘mmm’ was all I could hear escaping from my stuffed mouth as I was yanked upright onto my feet and led into the garage. It was dark, with only

Slave to The Sun- Exposed (Part One)

to hide her flush. “You know… we vampires have extremely accurate senses. When we concentrate.” He had probably heard her moaning. Hell, with that nose of his he could probably smell her arousal. She gathered herself together and stood up straight and dignified. “I don’t know what you mean.” She said, straightening her dress slightly. He

Phileas Fogg – A Memoir Pt. 24

Gauthier Ralph, ‘and we have nothing to do but to present Mr. Fogg’s cheque at Barings to-morrow.’ At this moment, the hands of the club clock pointed to twenty minutes to nine. ‘Five minutes more,’ said Andrew Stuart. The five gentlemen looked at each other. Their anxiety was becoming intense, but, not wishing to betray it, they readily assented

Love at First Sight Ch. 02

type A personality, and she poked fun at him about it. ‘I don’t remember you always being so serious,’ she told him as they cleared the table. He smiled wryly. ‘Yeah, I’ve grown up a little.’ ‘Not too much, I hope.’ Sara kissed his cheek. ‘Okay, I need a shower.’ ‘Me too’ Shane agreed. ‘Well, I’ve only got the one bathroom, so who goes

New Rules 2

do that? How would it work? I would love to have one of you in my arse while the other fucked my cunt. What do you think? Then I looked at his very stiff cock and realised what he thought of that idea. Peter. I think that you had better put that weapon of yours back in my arsehole. Peter needed no second bidding and soon was pumping into me

Stranger falling in love with her daughter

to a local nude beach and check things out.That didn’t really fly. She said her husband wanted to be nude at home, in front of her and their daughter. Okay. That’s not unheard of. I asked if he walks around with a full erection. She said sometimes. But, mostly semi hard.I asked if her daughter knew about all this. She said they had the sex talk

He Cried Wolf: CH3-Freak of Nature

it’s me! Calm down!” She held him in her arms, hoping he would keep his animalistic aggression in check.The Alpha’s growls died down as he looked up. His vision was blurry as he continued to hallucinate. What he saw was not a beautiful, green eyed redhead stroking his face, but a handsome young man who looked exactly like Cassius.“… Cass,” he

Enema for a Friend

pain and dressed in loose fitting shorts and t-shirt. She averted looking at me and led me upstairs to the master bath. Cindy sat silently on the commode and watched as I set up the tripod and filled the bag with warm water then added a soap solution. I finally turned to her and nodded that we were ready to start. She began blushing as she stood


My eyes came to focus on one part that was not small or petite at all! There between her legs was a fully matured pussy mound surrounded by a thick bush of pubic curls! As a matter of fact, the bush was too damn thick and concealed too much pretty pussy flesh! I had forgotten about Belle being able to read my mind. The pixie girl ran her

two many surplus women

painful than cancer. I have 2 wonderful girls at home and Neil please accept the girls I selected for you. You will grow to love them and they will grow to love you. Goodbye Neil As the noose tightened Alexia took the pain as less than she would have but she could not help but struggle from the panic of death that came to her a minute later. Barb

It Must Be Witchcraft

from the private school with honors, Tiffany attended a prestigious female college. Lester was extremely proud of Tiffany and she in turn was grateful to her father for all he did. Two years later Lester had his first affair since the death of his wife and it was with Alexis. They were at a business meeting out of town when they had sex together.

The Port-Hole Window

breath, she waited for the light in the bathroom to turn off before daring another look. Krysta was back in bed, and sound asleep by the look of it. The next night was much the same, but it was not raining. Rachelle rather liked the rain. It made everything more slippery, plus it hid the smell of her girl juices in the event that she would be

We met on a plane (continued)

room and start passionately kissing, our hands roaming all over each others bodies. We are still standing up and my hand is on the inside of her thighs lightly touching her, while I lick her amazing breasts. I can feel her wetness and the heat coming from her. We are both turned on and she reaches into my pants for my cock. I stop her and pull

Vanished Ch. 15

eyes overflowed and I gasped with the excruciating pain, but I stepped to him hurriedly. “Stay.” The sternness in his voice convinced me that he was in no mood to be broached. “Gush.” I moaned. My nipple wounds were unhealed and the pressure he was exerting made me cry. “Stop, please.” I whined like a child. “Just hold still.” He clipped the

Helping Moms Friend

I was tired and only wanted to sleep but my mother figured it would be good for me to help her friend move into her new apartment. She had even made travel arrangements that I knew nothing about until she shook me awake that morning. She drove me the four miles to her friend’s house, introduced me to Lisa, who I’d only met a few times before, and

The ring of Salazar

the shit begin to leak from her face down her neck to her shirt.Hermione Granger had finish to eat the 7inch log and all the liquid waste in her mouth. She was now cleaning her face by scooping as much shit she could and swallow it with delight.As more and more layer of shit change position from her face to her stomach, All the people around her

Bobby and Spanky (English)

suit and my bathrobe, sat in the chair next to the kitchen table with my knees slightly apart, the dog came and sat very still in front of me. Spanky is a big and beautiful young black Doberman specimen, with huge erect ears and thriving and lively black eyes. His hair is short and shimmering and he does not smell like dog. It's a little strange

A Strangers Cum Part Four

a bit quieter. I was feeling particularly in the mood one evening and the place we had visited the last few times had around 15 boys turn up so I decided to stop, John was ecstatic as he laid out the blanket and got them to stand in a line and make themselves ready while he videoed &hellip, most only lasted a few seconds inside me and I came so

Wendy's Gangrape part 4

to pull over in and then the guard rail before the hill.Matt unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to wendy, his right hand grabbed her right, 38D breast, groping it through her bra, wendy cringed as matt moaned " have such big tits...mmmm...." as matt reached for the other breast, wendy couldnt stand it anymore. She punched with her right

Hotel bang 1 and 2

of them entered her wet pussy but he didn’t last long. He was soon cumming up her hole. He pulled out and spunk run down her legs. “i want someone to last not like him he”s useless” Karen said. With that Tony smacked her across the face. “don’t worry slut,plenty more to come you’ll regret that by the end of the night”. I didn’t know whether to be

Me and my Rampant Rabbit

was a sopping wet hole that pulsed with each wave of my orgasm again. My nipples were straining to burst and I would have given anything for Doug to be there and suck them for me but he wasn’t. I switched off the rotation and brought the ears towards my left nipple, I revelled in the feeling of it vibrating at the same speed as the rabbit. My

Truth or dare brother 10

Every rose has it's thorn on a stereo system we had out there. Then we started slow dancing together for the very first time as husband and wife. Of course Jessica was taking a shit load of pictures of us. “Just so you know: I wouldn't have proposed to you just because you were pregnant, if I had proposed after you were pregnant,” Jeff said.“That

The Adventures of Having Roommates

a simple indisputable fact. Every time we go for a run she crosses some imaginary finish line ahead of me. I’ve tried sneak attacks. I’ve tried to get a lead and hold it. I’ve tried to shadow her and sprint to the end and I’ve even tried the “I’m just running next to you but sneak a three step sprint in at the end” technique but none of it works.

A Spider’s Web Ch. 04

delightful romps across the city, giving chase just to pass the time if not to foil her theft of some ancient jewel, artifact, or just straight cash, but they could always part ways knowing that they had fun in the process. If only he hadn’t given into his urges and succumb to her seduction none of this complication would have happened. Despite

Love Never Dies - Chapter 1

Well, hello there. What a surprise after all these years. You’re right about my pic, horrid. But I’m not ill, just ugly and older. I’ll try to improve things with a less stern photo soon. Anyway, trust you’re well. You certainly look it. Always were a beauty. Let me know if the new pic works. Richard. I pressed send and put the original message

Bahamas Cruise With Kelly

quickly. That sweet cunt was so tasty I was ready to settle in for the rest of the day eating her out. Cindy and Kelly had other plans, though. They wanted to make me cum. I put up a small protest that Cindy and I hadn’t fucked. Cindy said, “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving this bed until we fuck.” And with that, she went on a cock attack. Kelly had

My Addiction To My Boss Chapter 4

I help you?" "Hi, lover. I wanted to see if you and Damien wanted to hang out tonight?" Lara asks and I have to smile. "Hey, baby cakes.Why didn't you just call my cell?" I ask and take another bite of my salad. "Ehh. I wasn't sure what you would be doing with Mr. Hottie. I didn't want to disturb you again." She laughs and I shake my head. "Back

Wanting What You Can’t Have

spent with him the more I loved him. Everything about him was perfect. I soon discovered he was incredibly clever and asked him to tutor me for the course I’d spent a month not paying attention to. Paul loved to show off and was a great teacher so he agreed, and we spent a few weeks having study dates, during which I paid less attention than I

Learning the Lifestyle Pt 19 - Blurred Lines Defined

The flogger was one of his favorites as he could really let loose without fear of harming her. Michael was a Master with the flogger, slashing all parts of the body allowed with just the right level of sting. He could please and pleasure as well inflict pain with just a flick of his wrist.Soon he had her body glowing and her breathing was such

Andee Poses For A College Art Class

over some of the items.Andee stood as she stuffed the last of her things back into her bag.“In Greg’s class ... yes, I was. I’m filling in for someone for a couple weeks,” Andee answered.“Dustin,” he said, extending his hand towards her.“Andee,” she replied. “Nice to meet you.”They stood up and the young man handed over the things he had picked

A Sense of Symmetry Pt. 04

care of people, and you ask him things you want, and things you don’t know. I’ll show you.’ Dani and Jason hadn’t taught Sean to pray, it didn’t seem to be something Ben had talked about with the child. Now, it seemed, Anna would teach him. She got on her knees and folded her hands, the way her parents had taught her. Sean copied her. ‘Now, you

What Lena Wants – Alternative Chapter 3

It will be easier that way. I bit my lower lip and nodded. I grasped onto his biceps. Uh! I gasped, the sound escaping from my mouth in a quick huff As Milo pushed all the way to home base. My pussy felt like it was burning, and stretched beyond its means. Milo bumped up against my cervix, and I winced. My whole body contracted. I dug my

my slave Boy -01

you a look that shuts you up. I look back at the redneck and say, “That answer your question?” There’s a silly grin on his handsome face and he nods up and down, saying, “UhHuh..” “So, if you told him to suck your dick right now, he’d do it?” the guy says after a quiet moment. “Yep.” I say with a chuckle. I look at you, you feel me looking

Family Revelations Part 2

deep into her. We got cleaned up just in time as the baby woke up. That night, she had me sleep in her bed with her. I was on top of her, pumping into her missionary style, when I was getting close to cumming. She whispered in my ear and begged me not to pull out. She begged me to cum inside her. She told me she wanted me to give her what my

My Education- Part 6

and I had a game of squash booked at a local sport centre and I was looking forward to it immensely. We had not seen each other since our last meeting when she, my sister-in-law and I had had a threesome. My cock was twitching in anticipation as I remembered her lithe body, as she rode me hard. Our games had always been energetic, Dot would chase

The Journey Home Ch. 03

if you will. She mentioned during her last office visit that she smelled the autumn leaves when she looked at a painting she purchased and another vision was from hearing someone’s voice, she couldn’t see the person’s face, only shadows. She also says she keeps fidgeting with her left ring finger as if there is supposed to be something there, but

Jasons Game

cock out of her mouth, she tried to keep it in not wanting to give up her new sucker. Jessica was still not resisting or even showing any sign that she knew anything was going on, Jason pushed her softly back down onto the bed Jason spread her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy pushing in softly, when he reached the protective

Tied Down

continued with his lips and tongue motions, devouring her with abandonment. He was unable to get enough of her sweet nectar as she continuously pushed into him, shooting more of her sweet honey into his awaiting mouth. His eyes glanced up, met with a sight nearly as good as her lust-filled, glazed eyes would be. His eyes found her tits bouncing


her wetness she had no trouble pushing inside her. “Now dress, the guests will be arriving soon” her Master said. As she turned to pick the knickers from the bed (sensible ones she noticed) the egg sprang to life inside her, buzzing silently deep in her. She jumped and looking round, saw her Master give a smile as he switched the little remote in

A Train Ride to – Love Ch 05

she was looking at. ‘Am I okay to print of this page?’ she turned her head and looked up at Sam as he leaned over her, his fingers hooked on to the back of the swivel chair looking at the monitor screen. ‘Yes that looks fine to me. Send it to that printer in the corner.’ He indicated a printer sitting looking a little forlorn on a small desk in

The boy next door part: 2

all the way up to the head of his throbbing cock. I just put the head in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. When I pull my mouth off it makes a "pop" sound. I grin and go back down on him. With every move I go down a little bit more, further and further each time.Todd is going crazy, he is growling like a bear and holding my head down on

The Letter From England

enough courage to tell her that but I didn’t. As she was still looking enquiringly at me, my face turned a shade redder than the wine induced glow. I didn’t know what to say anymore and I just bent down to kiss her. There was a look of surprise in her emerald tinted eyes. ‘What was that for?’ She asked and for a fraction of a second I felt like

Marking my territory

jump in the shower together. Soaped her up good, then after rising off licked her sweet pussy and even stuck my tongue up her asshole. Got her so excited she was on her knees in the shower begging to suck my dick. How could I say No. Grabbed her head and fucked her mouth ’til I was ’bout ready to cum. Then I picked the cute little thing up and

The Terrible Virgin – Part I

reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.He shivered, his teeth biting into the pillow, as he felt her hot tongue trace lingering strokes up his spine. With every languorous lick, she would return to the point of origin, pucker her pink shining lips, and blow coldly along the wet streaks. He lay spread-eagled and face down, with his wrists and

True story

jokenly I might have to get u to suck it I looked at him and said whip it out. He laughed and said don’t temp me I opened my mouth and said go for it big boy. I thought he was just k**dn but then he pulled his dick out. Looked at him and asked him if he was serious he grabed the back of my head pulled me towards him. I went down and started

Best Cyber Ever (Guy's Monologue)

your mouth, sucking on your own tasty juices, while taking your free hand and fondling my ballsYou let it go against my stomach and shift forward and run you wet pussy lips over the top of itAnd rock forward and backThe sensations on your clit are excellentBut you want it inside you again, so you move back a bit, and pull it upright, as you lower

The AC Technician

the start of my period, and my hormones are all over the place. My sexual charge is off the radar, and the slightest thing can cause a state of arousal within me. It is both an enjoyable and frustrating period of time. An AC technician is supposed to come over at one today, to install a unit, in one of the rooms at the house. I wish I had

At the nudist beach

the other splendid picture. As the other boy saw what was happening to my girl friend, he cummed too, so we were two parties having an orgasm at the same time. A big stream jet from the boy reached high in the air, and we could see her cream out of her pussy too, reaching to her climax. How a big show I enjoyed from  this picture. I hadn´t  yet

Window Belly

in early. Mowing two lawns is hard work." My parents said good night without paying much attention and I escaped to my room upstairs.Where, first of all, I locked my bedroom door. Then I got ready for bed, got undressed, and sat down on the edge of the bed that faced my window. The lights were on and I was naked, except for my wristwatch, which

How it all began

no. When I heard the doorbell I just assumed you had forgotten your keys again and just opened the door. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw me. I don’t know who was the more embarrassed - him or me.” “What happen then, did he say anything, or just do the gentlemanly thing?” I replied, afraid to sound too interested. “Well I

Christie's tale or The third leg of the triangle pt.2

into Chris’s room for some fun, and he told her that some football players had taken him under their wing that day, and she smiled to herself.The next day, she saw Aaron in the hallway.“Thanks Aaron, I appreciate it.”“No problem. He fixed Justin’s laptop, and told me the cheat codes for Halo. He’s alright.”“Good. He doesn’t really fit in

First time for everything

ass. "Holy shit babe! It's so tight," he said, standing perfectly still to let me adjust to his girth in my was-virgin hole. "Play with your clit again. You need to relax."Once again my fingers returned to my slit and I immediately felt my muscles relax as my fingers made their first strum across my clit. He pushed all the way in until his balls

The Best Roommate Ever Part I

the door and the guy Jake was with was leaving. He wasn't wearing a shirt and only had on a pair of jeans and some work boots. He was ripped too, more so than me or Jake and we were in really good shape. I finally looked him in the eye and he looked at me and said, "See something you like big guy?" I realized it was Trey from the gym. He had

Strawberries and Old Cream

and my thoughts returned to the present. It was time for me to leave too, and to start reading my textbook. It was time to drop into my office for the rest of the afternoon, and worry about doing some work so I could pay for this course. Tuesday was done and I had survived the stairs and the class, and then Wednesday had come and gone, and I wad

I Knew It Was Wrong But...

her mom and got her off like eight times. Then when it's over, her mom just laid there, and told him she wanted him to hurry up. I'm like what the fuck?So one night, Ashley and I are talking, and her mom and stepdad are upstairs. She said she figured from the way her mom had made off hand comments, they may go upstairs and fuck. I was like, "You

Brian’s Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 02

out he was behind a strip mall that butted up against a mature blue collar neighborhood with small white frame houses, mostly built just after WW II. There was a combination of small dumpsters and garbage cans lining the alley. Maybe … He started scrounging in the cans. First finding one blue flip flop that just fit and then finding a translucent

An Open Letter to Charlie

mouth, which I know I never do. It surprised me to hear myself making those sounds. “Mouth first, dude,” Eric said. “But that ass, I want to see it.” I felt his hand petting my cheeks. I had wondered if he felt that way about my bum, and I liked having my suspicions confirmed. He spanked me and I choked on Eric’s dick. He let go of my head and I


better and more provocative.... I would even fuck me ....he he he ...John, is that American negro Carl still on the list..... what .. he is .... I have a good feeling about him"."If Carl's cock is in proportion to his body, they'll hear you screaming in the street my sweet, providing you don't lose him as well". A light lunch was eaten , Anna

Progression - Ch. 04 - A Real Fitting

to a small hole where the cock cage joined the belt.Nathan nodded, astounded by what was going on. He never knew such an advanced belt existed. This must have cost a fortune, and he felt honoured to be wearing it. Without hesitation, Nathan agreed to all the terms.“Excellent,” said Ryan and Jack at the same time.A mobile phone on the kitchen

What a Deal! Chapter 6

ass and squeezed out some lube. She worked it into Cindy's ass, running her fingers around it, and then into it. She worked one and then a second finger into Cindy and Cindy moaned. My dick was hard, too, just watching this voluptuous woman fingering my wife's ass. She then took the plug and put lube on it. She lined it up with Cindy's ass. "Now

A kitty in a movie hall Part -1

little fucker, that feels good. Fuck yeah, you got a hot little mouth. Damn, fuck that feels good. Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy face fucking you. You won’t even be able to talk when I am done with you.’For the first few minutes, he was content with slowly rocking his hips back and forth, feeding me around half of his dick and enjoying the

Leelus Family History-Daddys Story

her fathers two brothers, Lucys uncle Jim and Uncle Lou, came over to the house and all she was allowed to eat for two days was their cum. Of course, she loved cum. She was happy to see if she could get some out of the three cocks in the house that weekend whenever she was hungry. That story always turned Dale on. Especially the part about her

The Naughty Receptionist - Part Two

and balls clean. And Raleigh’s pussy, too.” He let that sink in. “Look at me.” She opened her eyes. “Do you want me to untie you? It’s your choice.” “No.” “Ask for it, then.” “Please cane me. Punish me.” “And then?” “Let me clean you. And her. After...” She couldn’t say that. “Are you starting to understand what anything means?” Those

Group pleasure unexpected but so nice.

to savour and swallow. Emma is amazed at us, "What a horny, sexy couple you two make!..." She grins."Depends on the company." I respond, winking at her. Seeing how wet, horny and ready she is, I say "Open your legs wide for me Emma, we should make it a double..." And with this I launch my tongue into her creamy pussy, lashing her hard clit side

Second Chances Ch. 11

claim her, to shout to the world that she was his. But none of that would be possible until they were able to prove that Sarah wasn’t a murderer. If anyone knew she was living there, the sheriff would arrest her. Brian would have to keep her presence a secret until he could clear her name. ‘I haven’t changed my mind, angel. I intend to marry you,

A Couple Pt. 01

hard, you were wet. There was suspension of inhibition, and our bodies did the rest.’ Another pause as we let the glow dissipate in the late afternoon sun. ‘There’s more to it than that.’ She looked over, blue eyes pulling me in as they always did. Lips pursed in a pout, inviting love and violence. I wondered if I would ever tie her up and beat

The Devils Pact, Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Lesbian Cuckold

and I saw stars. It was one of the most amazing cums I ever had in my life. Guilt flooded my veins, pumping cold through my body. Why had I masturbated? Why did the sight of my cheating wife fucking a man turn me on so much? What was wrong with me? Hmm, I needed that, Ashley purred. But you should get going before Kristi gets home. Yeah. Same

How I got to do it with my brother

so fucking good. But come on, push your dick deep into me. Go as far as you can Stan and really make love to me,” I said. Then he started getting a little rough with me. He started thrusting his dick in and out of me even quicker. “Fuck Stan. You are making me feel so damn good. Don't stop, don't you fucking stop. I don't care if hurts, just make

Away With the Fairies

terrifyingly beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was pale as fresh snow, gaunt and angular, with a look that said that its wearer was starved, with a hunger that food could not quell and a thirst that drink could not quench. The nose was thin as a blade, with flaring nostrils. The eyes – the eyes, looking out from under deep-shaded brows were

Reliving Old Memories

"I know, I invited you, but just get the fuck out," I cried, turning away from him. I cried for a moment facing away from him with my head down. "Is that what you really want?" "No!!!" I screamed, grabbing my top drawer and throwing it on the ground. I marched right to him and grabbed his cock through his pants. "I want that cock inside me,

My friends and I, having some fun

a lot that showed off my boobs, and or my butt. None I'd be wearing in public, truth be told. I got thongs, and many bras too. For my last present, it was extra special."We all know, you'll love this one," my friend, Mary said.I took the gift, and opened it. It was one big dildo, and it was probably the biggest one I ever saw in my life."Holy

She Masturbates too Much She Thinks

hands, one and then the other, I fuck the cunt and ass. The woman speaks for the first time. She is begging, begging for more. I fuck, filling her ass and cunt, stroking, pumping harder. She goes wild on the girl's face. I can barely hold her up and fuck at the same time. Feeling the ass and cunt convulse tighter and tighter over my hands, I hear

Silk Rope on Balcony

over the smooth warmth of her inner thigh and massage my hand up below her pussy, seeking the heat of her passion. My fingertips traces over her swelling pussy lips, and my palm lightly rubbing over her mound, pressing over her aroused clit. Feeling the heat of her lust building and the tingling pulse of desire for more, suddenly interrupted by

My Addiction to Oral Sex

we were left alone there. I invited them to stop over later and I would gather up the other everybody so they could meet them also. I found Eve and told her and asked where Buddy was but she didn’t know, I asked her to come meet the new kids and she said she would be there.After lunch I was in the hide-out when Eve came in with my brother and

The Overnighter

smugly said, notso fucking fast Theresa, who said I was ready to leave. There he wentagain, using the language. Just leave Peter I said, I have a lot to do. Like what Theresa he sneered, fucking our son's friends. I became faintand watched as my life passed before my eyes. The room began to spin and Ifelt my knees buckle under me. As I felt

Two Sisters

you can’t do this.” I tried to stop Steve but he won’t listen. “Mom I love you and just want you to be happy.” “And I saw you the other day watching me.” I was caught Steve did see me and now he was in my bed running his hand up and down my side with only the thin sheet between his hand and my skin. The kissing to my neck was driving me crazy and

The Cam Whore

she would be in a lot of trouble, but the risk was part of what turned the followers on. She set up her laptop and put her username and password into the login screen. She had been hyping her followers up for today's show for the last few weeks. As she signed into the chat program she could see that there were several dozen of her followers

I Wish She Had Done It Sooner

me, she thought I was asking permission to bring another woman into our bedroom. Before I could explain, she blew up and said "I guess mom and dad was right! I should have listened to them. You don't love me!", crying hysterically the whole time. When I finally got her calmed down, I explained to her that I would never ask her to do that. I told

Amy's New Bra

Amy was disappointed she did not want to be left out so she maneuvered herself so she was sixty-nining her mother while I was fucking her mother’s ass. I settled into a rhythm pounding Kathy’s ass, and then slowly started to increase the speed of my stokes. The only noise that I could hear was my balls slapping my wife’s ass and the licking,

Romance at Sea

of the ship didn’t disturb her, she was a transatlantic crossing veteran. ‘People are already dropping like flies with green gills,’ he said conversationally. She thought did that imply Randall had extraordinary vision and smiled at her joke. ‘Have you seen people being sea sick?’ ‘No the waiter pouring my four cups of coffee kept telling me

My friends Munchkin mom 2

player but my height made up most of the difference. After a game away in another part of the State I was taking pictures with some people and felt my leg being hugged. I looked way down and there was Manny’s mom. She was wearing her usual high heels but even then I could tell she was the same height as about my cock. She lifted her arms up to

The Beginning

entire upper body weight was pushing her deeper into the bed, driving the breath out of her. Michael continued slamming his cock in and out of her inflamed cunt, and she felt the stirrings of her orgasm again. She grimaced as she thought of the bruises she'd have tomorrow on her thighs.Michael felt her tighten up around her as she moaned out an

The Tune Up

turn red and stammer out something like, Please dont do that! That was like blood in the water to sharks. The main bullies would start saying, Do what? and start plucking at my wisps of hair or tweaking my nipples. I finally escaped their torment by going behind my wall. I shut everything off. It no longer hurt because I wasnt really there to be

The Contractors Part 2 and 3 and the revisit

his ladder and quietly set it up and then he climbed up to the open window and came into the room.“Glad to see you remembered me Jessica” “how could i forget you and your huge cock” “take off your nighty” I took off my nighty and slipped it over my head “ now your Panties” I slipped my panties down my legs and took them off so i was standing in

Merry Christmas

and carefully took the ring out before slipping it onto Grace's ring finger. It fit perfectly.Grace shifted so she was sitting on Jesse's lap, her arms still around her lover’s neck. "I love you so much Jessica."Jesse grinned. "I love you too Grace." And with that she leaned in and captured Grace's lips with her own. The kiss started out gentle,

Intended Ch. 09

body throbbed in agony, most especially her left leg. The shooting pain in her thigh was localized though, somehow sharper than the rest. What was wrong with her? Where was she? Why could she not remember? As she attempted to clutch protectively at her ailing body, she discovered to her great alarm that she could not move her arms. Moreover, she

Out in public

You're picking up bras and lacy panties as you go, I see a few you pick up and can't wait to see you in them. I see a corset that i'd like to see you in too so I pick it off the rack, but wait for you to move on so I can pay for it quickly and follow you again. It's pale green over the cups and stomach with black lace over the top, black at the

Carrie, my lesbian fling

while my fingers teased her other one. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her hardness then took one into my mouth and sucked it firmly. Her breath was coming hard and fast and her hand rubbed my back and slid down to my ass where she rubbed and then back up to my hair. Her fingers played in my hair and touched the back of my neck. I moved

The Farm

breasts. While not large, they were perfectly shaped, firm with pouty aureoles and topped by rosebud nipples - now hard as marbles. He alternately sucked one nipple while rotating the other between his thumb and forefinger.May belle's breath was coming in short gasps as she lifted and wiggled her shapely ass trying to capture her fathers long,

Dogging With Mom

and try to solve the worlds problems. We also went to do some gloryholing, I got to watch mom get some strange dick. Now the girls want to try dogging. We waited till dad and Vicki’s husband went out of town, made reservations at a hotel in another towm and away we went. Mom drove the Lincoln out to a well known dogging spot and dropped me off.

Dr. Imelda’s Radical Approach

and then recovered his smile. ‘As much as you were a daddy’s girl.’ ‘You seem defensive.’ ‘That’s funny, most women find me of-fensive.’ ‘But not your mother.’ ‘Especially my mother!’ he answered automatically before realizing he’d revealed himself. ‘I see…’ she said, as she made a note on her chart and walked back to the desk. ‘Does it

Oral Encounter in the Office

met mine. His gentle, tentative kiss quickly became strong and decisive as he wrapped his left arm around my waist to pull me out of my chair and onto my desk. His right arm was wrapped around my back with his hand supporting my head. As he situated me on the edge of my desk, Jeremy pulled my head back with his right hand as he kissed me

The Country Club - Chapter 1

Sue had pulled her dress down to her waist exposing two very erect nipples. Taking my head in her hands, she pushed me down to her breast.Gently blowing on her nipple I watched as it became even more erect. My tongue flicked over the tip rapidly. I did the same to the other nipple with my fingers. Sue put her hands on the back of my head.

My Minotaur Part IV

earlier attack was still being accounted for as he glided now what must have been two feet of fat fuckshaft in and out of her. With each thrust in there was a ragged choking noise, ultimately stifled by his girth, and on each drag backwards there came a burbling gag followed by an explosion of frothy precum and saliva. His balls hung low enough

First Time Bareback

were both telling me what a good cocksucker I was and talking dirty to me. This turned me on even more and gave Mike's cock a sloppy kiss and told him to get behind me and fuck me. Mike reached for the condoms and I released Steve from my mouth and told Mike to fuck me bareback. Mike stood there shocked for a minute while what I said sunk in.

Happy Halloween

away. This quickly turned from tapping to banging on the walls which was fairly annoying until I heard her start to moan. Instantly, I tried to put a face with the sound of her voice, but I could not figure out which girl it was. At first, she sounded like she was really enjoying it. It was beautiful, sultry with a long exhale at the end, but

Fate's Calling (Chapter 3)

the skies and saw a sight that had been previously hidden by fog and clouds. A lone mountain stood in the distance. There was a black castle built on top of it, and even looking at it sent a chill down my spine, causing me to shudder. However, I felt a strange calling towards the forbidden soil. It was fate’s calling, beckoning for me to gamble

Doing it with my study partner

mean like chemistry?” I asked.“More like sexual tension,” Gillian replied.“Sexual tension, I don't think so, why are you feeling something?” I asked.Then she leaned over and kissed me once, but she was immediately embarrassed thinking 'How could I do that?'. So she got up and walked into the hallway. I got up and followed her.“Well it's natural

A guy and his... ? 45 Friendship

astound me with your wisdom. Then there are times like these that you shock me as to just how young and inexperienced you are!" Gen looked up at Rosalinda then her mouth fell open. "There is another way?!" "Yes little one, there is, several as a matter of fact. Now let's leave the King alone he is a busy man." Here Rosalinda bowed low to the king


stated pumping into me faster and faster yelling, ‘im cuming,im cuming’ and he started shooting his load into me; all nice and warm. We both lay exhausted on the bed without moving for what felt like ages and then, when we could move, I told him we could be fuck buddies. Anytime he wants to fuck someone he could call on me and vice-versa. I’m a


her mother’s necklace was stripped off. She got up and tried to run to the door only to be pulled back by the collar around her neck. She sat there in this strange place naked and began to panic. She pulled and pulled at the chain but the enchantment on it was much too strong. She tried pulling the collar but the collar (also enchanted) shocked

Forty-eight Hours

known less than forty-eight hours did not have any allegiance to me. Hot sex, hot body, hot pussy and hot her. ‘Okay…’ I said slowly. ‘Why did you not tell me sooner.’ She looked exasperated, ‘don’t know.’ ‘Do you usually cheat on your spouse?’ She appeared hurt. ‘No. you are first and only one.’ ‘Why me? Why now?’ ‘I told you I was compelled

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 06

and got ready for bed, and settled in under his covers. He was exhausted, but his mind was still racing at a million miles an hour. More significant events had happened today than had happened in all of his previous experiences put together. He didn’t think there would be any way he would be able to fall asleep, but at least he got a moment to

My Sister and I Travel to Brazil

she was on top, feeling under my back the sheets drenched in her sweat. Our lips touched. Gently. Such similar lips. So wrong. Yet it felt so damn right."I want you to fuck my pussy bro." She said in a voice I had not heard before. "I want you inside me where its supposed to go." I sat up, and carried her, pressed against me to the bathroom, set

Homelands Pt 1 Ch 14

On the one hand, I thought she'd look better if she kept her hair its natural color, and the same went for her orange-ish skin. Ten times over. On the other hand, every time I took a good look at her, I reprimanded myself for selling her short. Her breasts were not as nice as Iva's, but they were more than generous, especially considering how

Three College Guys in a Hot Tub

did during the summer. Who was moving in, what campus organizations we were a part of. About twenty minutes later, I noticed John and Brian slowly starting to feel each other up. I got aroused almost instantly. They noticed and asked if I wanted to join them. I did, and sat in between them. I was really scared about getting caught by nearby


heard of it . . . it's called . . ."" Funiculaireville?" I said smiling - yes, I knew that accent was familiar. "How's Janet?""You're quick. I'm sorry to say that I don't personally know Mrs. Jones, but we are aware of your . . . interaction with Tania." She was smiling as she said this and so I understood that she was okay with my actions."So


you mean?”Torn between a genuine desire to be polite and not wishing to be late for my appointment with a potential landlord, I quickly filled him in on how my flatmate had, without warning, vacated his room and how I now found myself either forced to pay for a double room or to seek out new accommodation. He listened intently, a sympathetic look

Two Little Girls Watch Me Cum

girls messing around in the rear car park of some flats which are nearby. I had not seen them before, but they were being very naughty, throwing rubbish about and so on. Although they were young, they were quite cute in a sort of rough naughty way, so I whipped my cock out and started having a wank while watching them. Some bloke appeared over

Shaving Day

it down my pussy and in my slit, following with the back of your hand, just grazing over my clit, eliciting another moan. I know I am in serious trouble…. You spread a little shaving cream, just a small amount on me, and wet the razor, shaving the light stubble away. You dip your hand back into my pussy and pump your fingers in and out of me

Sue’s Will Ch. 01

mistaken by being aloof, cold, and unfriendly. She knew what they were thinking of her, but try as she might, the mere thought of talking in front of a large group was nauseating. The very thought of being in the limelight makes her foam the mouth. The sound of the chair next to hers being scraped back startled her. She looked up, up and up,

Community Involvement Ch. 07

As I went inside I reflected on the amazing day we had spent together (the last full day we would have for quite a number of weeks), two squiring orgasms for Michelle, a first time tit fuck for me (for both us to be exact) and a very deep and meaningful discussion about relationships. In particular, our respective marital relationships and some

My Dream Cameron Edited

And went to my room and started to watch some movies. Halfway through the second movie we started to hold hands and lean and Cuddle . We then just couldnt wait any longer . I leaned over and kissed him . As I pulled away his hand brought me back and we started making out. I could feel his tongue exploring me mouth . I started to pull awAy and

What Jehovah Witnessed Part Four

that she liked him making her cum.With Thomas watching her, Dawn slides the underwear on, picking the bra up "Thank you for the new bra." she mumbled loud enough for him to hear."Your welcome Dawn, great thing Wal-Mart is open so early isn't it!"Dressed Dawn expects Thomas to prevent her from leaving, but instead he asks her if she wanted a ride

A story about a Bi Transvestite who meets up with some guys

pounded their erect cocks into me ‘ the guyfucking me, holding onto my waist, and the guy in mymouth holding onto my shoulders! I moaned loudly on hiscock to let them both know I was really enjoying it,and then felt the guy in my mouth pulling out!“Open your mouth wide while I toss myself off!” hecommanded me breathlessly, “I want to watch my

Brandy Puts Me in a Tight Spot (Chapter Four of My History with Brandy)

and felt the refreshing coldness of the glass, only slightly damp with condensed water in the dry air. Taking a sip, I marveled at the wide range of sensations I had experienced already that day: flight, fantastic food, beautiful women, and the thrill of speed! Not to mention the indulgence in Brandy's fantastic body, and two incredible orgasms

Caught Jacking Off

my cumload into my mother’s mouth. But she was so messed up that she couldn’t even attempt to swallow any of my cum. It all just came seeping out of her mouth and onto her huge tits. After about six pumps of jizz, I figured I would be done, as that is a normal amount for me. But when I pulled my dick out of my mother’s mouth, I blasted three more

from slave to princess

online Tylor and I. we exchanged a few e-mails and decided to meet; that was going to be hard because I had class everyday of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I had classes all day 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a one hour break for lunch. Tuesday and Thursday I only had one class that ended at 11:00 AM. I did not know my work schedule till the

The Babysitter’s Cummin Out Ch. 08

of her enormous tits. He had slid the material apart so that he could grasp her bare flesh and his hips were pushing hard against her ass. He swallowed hard, closed his eyes and in a very expressionless articulate voice he whispered, “My name is Kent. And I just purchased you for the night.” Sheila was instantly pissed off, how in the hell could

Lisa and Lucy (part 2)

she screamed. Lucy was trying to explain but her mum wasn't taking any nonsense."WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR FATHER WILL SAY WHEN HE FINDS OUT? AND YOU!" she pointed at me. "I HAVEN'T EVEN MET YOU FOR MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES AND YOU ARE ALREADY TEACHING MY DAUGHTER TO HAVE A DIRTY MIND!" I stood next to Lucy, I looked at her and smiled, she looked at

The Challenge 5: Lisa’s Family

me get that ass tonight?” Rodney asked Alice, his hands sliding down to that which he desired.“Maybe,” Alice said, glancing over to the empty booth where they all had been sitting. She wondered if Rodney was as big as the dildo she owned. She thought about how much she preferred that inanimate object to the actual Rodney.“Let me go to the

My Wife arranged a lap dancer for my surprise birthday party

of our house and was to be attended by lots of our close friends, colleagues and neighbours.I had converted our once dark damp cellar into a sort of games area and bar with soft lighting and a superb sound system that was a great place to have a party.The day flew by and caterers and deliveries of booze arrived and the scene was set for a great

My Friend Becky, Part 3

serpent slithering down their thigh when they see you! Are you okay wearing this? Will you feel comfortable?" "I love it", she said with a giggle as she studied herself in the mirror. "I can't wait for Saturday!" "You are, without any doubt, turning into a cock teasing bitch!" I said with both of us laughing hysterically. We headed for Becky's

Walter and Linda

I was wearing a loose summer dress with no underwear so I still smelled like sex when I sat down to dinner. Walter knew my scent and gave me nice looks while we ate. Linda seemed oblivious, but she was always a little straight, so she might have been pretending not to notice. It might have been the wine she was drinking too, she had a few glasses

War Bride

her. She nodded and lay on her back with her little legs spread wide. I mounted her and eased my cock into her hot, tight hole. “You’re filling me up,” she whispered. “Give it all to me!” My cock filled her right to the bottom of her pussy. When it hit the end she said, “Oof!” “Do it. Pump me. Make me cum again.” My hips started dancing as she

Would You Like to See Me Naked?

a few times.  She was so hot that I thought I would melt right inside of her."I'm not going to last very long," I warned her, still not believing this whole situation."Just stop for a minute.  Don't move!" she said quickly.I pushed my cock in deep and looked down at her back and her ass that was pressed against my belly.  I felt her fingers


smooth, there was nothing of Daniel there, it had all been in her mind. She was losing it, her mind was failing her and now she was hallucinating. ‘I’m standing on the threshold of madness.’ She thought. ‘But aren’t all artists mad?’ she asked of no one, pacing the floor and smoking feverishly on her cigarette. ‘Van Gogh cut off his ear, Latrec

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 1

instead of giving him attitude. Angel, who lay on her back next to him, was gasping for breath and trembling as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her still. Exhausted and unable to move, she was spent. However, I still had to be satisfied. So with her still reeling from her own pleasure, I crawled up her body, and spread her legs, putting

See Me

to stop whenever, Kalena," he reminded me. "Please don't," I whispered back. He moved his hand to my mouth, pressing two fingers against my lips. I shivered again and opened my mouth. He pushed his fingers in, and I gently started to suck and swirl my tongue around them. He allowed this for only a few moments before pulling them from me and

Our Halloween Party

material too. That was more information than I needed to know.When she received the vest in the mail she told me that she would need to practice wearing her vest to figure out the best methods to tease the boys. In the past she has been able to use a big mirror but this time she wanted me to help her figure it out. I was looking forward to

Christmas Presents – Nice

pot hole on that country road. She supposed she was an average enough looking young woman of fifteen…almost sixteen. Her hair was long, mostly because the state provided only enough money for a hair cut once a year. She usually found it easiest to keep it pulled back from her face in a tight ponytail. At a time when most girls her age primped and

My sister and I undress, masturbate and fuck

it meant nothing then. This was very different. I saw that she had a wonderful figure and my cock began to grow as we walked, stark naked, on to my lawn. When we were there Anne said "Your cock is a little hard. I must say that I like seeing you naked a with slight erection". "And I like seeing you naked, Anne. That`s why my cock is growing. You

Tentacly monster 02: Tattoo Girl

into my pussy while still massaging my clit with the other. I felt like I was about to explode, my mind so torn between the uncomprehensible pleasures and the enormous task set in my mouth that it couldnt decide what to focus on. The heat waves emitting from my vagina were getting hotter and hotter and it began to twitch and contract, trying to

Liz takes charge

common, meager foreplay; no slow licking or teasing. Liz had other things in mind. She took as much of me into her mouth as possible before bobbing up and down at quick pace. My moans of delight were her cue. She eased me out of her mouth, drooling a little over my shaft. ‘Porn star lube’ I chuckled to myself. I taught her that. Liz then stood,

me and nick

two were gay like us. i smiled as nick and wes looked at me and i kissed him back. we were kissing and i saw nick kiss wes. we climbed onto my bed and i slid codys shorts down and started rubbind his dick througt his boxers. i realized he was bigger than nick and i both. the then reached over and slid my shorts and boxers both offf and started

Duplex girls

kept me busy,” I replied. “Wait, don’t come in here with those clothes on,” said the woman. “Won’t he see us?” asked Kelly.“If he wanted to see you naked her probably would have already,” said their mother. I watched as the girls stripped naked. Katie turned around to wave at me. Their mother handed them one big towel to share between them. Kelly

The Doctor is In Ch. 03

Elena. I’m sorry.’ She shrugged, but she didn’t roll her eye at me. ‘It’s whatever.’ I sat in uncomfortable silence for several minutes. ‘Have you spoken to your foster mother?’ ‘The po-pos spoke to her. They told me that she said she didn’t want to foster me anymore.’ she snorted in disgust. ‘Fucking Christians. They’re all the same. Fake as

Razor Ch. 02

nodding once more. I remembered my father preaching many similar things, trying to push his religious beliefs on me and my sister, and the way I had just silently accepted everything he said whereas my sister had fought hard to be allowed to think for herself. But those were bad memories, memories that had no place right there and right then. ‘My

The Beach Scene

out with her girlfriends for the past few weeks. Every few months, she and four of her girlfriends from college meet for dinner, and then go dancing. The five of them have had the same routine since college. In fact, Linda and I met while she and her friends were partying. I wouldn’t dare interfere with the time she spends with her friends, nor

Start At The Bottom, Work Your Way Up (Or, "Toes to Crotch")

I pleaded with my boss, “Just please get me a few small cases so I can get some experience in an actual courtroom in front of an actual judge. How about one divorce case?” I begged.Finally, Robert relented, and handed me a divorce file, adding, “Don’t fuck it up, alright? And remember, this job isn’t always about the money, alright? Besides, you

Welcome to the Family

over and took my cock and jacked me, then grunted a very loud grunt and started shooting his cum. It landed on his chest and stomach. When he stopped panting and his cock had started to soften he said, “Now you.” I kind of just looked at him and he said, “Your turn. Shoot off. I wanna see you cum.” I said, “Suck me.” He said, “You’re crazy.”

Ashleigh’s Adventures Bk. 2 Ch. 07

be, especially with us in our string bikinis as bait.’ ‘That’s probably the easiest way to go about it. We could engage Dave in conversations about sex just out of range of you girls. Somewhere in the conversation, if he shows an interest, we could hint that you might be available to him. Tom and I could kind of take turns hinting at it and see

His First Return

to me. I brought the rose to my nose to smell it, relishing its beautiful scent. I looked up at him and smiled, loving him even more. Then I walked over to carefully lay it onthe table next to my bag. Jay left the entrance of the room to meet me at the foot of the bed. Again we went into each other’s arms for another spell binding kiss. Boy, I

The Slave

curious as to how one would even start fixing a mistake like that."Well, when she arrived, she had a concussion, broken ribs and fingers and was bruised everywhere, and she had already been healing from it for two weeks. I tried to get some of the gentler males here near her after she healed up, but she's absolutely terrified of them. I contacted

whips and chains

take your breath away, the long, jet-black hair, and knock out face, would. She commanded him to sit back in trhe chair, and he immediately scrambled to obey. She stood in front of him and turned around and bent over at the waist, as though she was examining the carpet, and moved her asss invitingly towards him. Instantly forgetting previous

Getting Closer to Mom

long to cum. I started moaning and screamed I'm cumming and she actually moved closer I started pumping out cum and the first spurt landed right on her chest and some hit her shoulder. I hadn't ejaculated that much in a long time and she was just standing in front of me speechless. Of course immediately after I had done that I apologized and told

Killing Me Softly

make it all better, but not knowing how. He just hoped that things would improve soon — if they didn’t then he wasn’t sure how much longer either of them could go on like this. Padding down the landing, Chris peeked in through the nursery door. It was rare that he had any time alone with his daughter. Mostly Erica had the baby, either feeding her

Thicker than blood - Part Five

ride?” said Chester, he was smirking, “That caddy stands out like too much. You need to not be noticed,” said Derek. “Okay, okay. Can I help it if my true love is rich?” he said laughing. His buddy sneered. “I wanna get to know her a little better,” said Derek. “Set it up.” “Hey, Whaddya talkin’ about. She’s my girl, not yours,” sad Chester. “Hey

A Little Help From Our Friends

“Well, what did you think?” Pam asked me the next morning over coffee. “Would you do it again?” “I would,” I said. “The question is, what did you think? Would you do it again?” She thought for a few seconds, then said, “I think I would with some minor changes maybe. Next time I think I want to make the list and be tied to the bed.”

Business Man-on-Man (Part 4)

bottles in the hot and steamy bathroom and yet the beer was still cold. I licked my lips in anticipation of that first long swig of beer and as my tongue encircled my lips, all I could taste was the salty, musky taste of Rob’s semen that still lingered. Rob carefully piled the pillows up against the headboard of the king-size bed and sat back

Bi Teen Club Chapter 1

her, otherwise I would be completely and utterly devoted to her. I wouldn't be having one night stands with girls whose names I couldn't remember the next day. Eventually, I reached Dougie's cock. I hadn't realised until now that it was almost as big as mine, maybe 6.5 inches at half mast. Thinking about what I would want done to my own cock, I

A night to remember

height with thick auburn hair and medium build. Tamara was about 5"4 in height with long brown hair. They both spent the night talking to each other and exchanged numbers at the end of the night. After months of meeting up and exchanging messages to each other Tamara and Simon had finally arranged to meet up for a meal at Simons.Chapter 1- build

I Dont Want The World I Want You! Part 5 – Conclusion.

so he probably will be busy.”“Aww man, why does it always happen to me? And I got him a really cool present too.”“I know babe. I saw it, he’ll love it, he’s always wanted a silver necklace.”Adam got the confirmation that he remembered at least something from the past few days when Harry responded “Yeah that’s what I thought on Sunday. The gift

Thomas and I

sticking cum oozing onto my hand and dripping to the carpet. When I pulled my dick from his ass I saw his hole oozing cum and closing slowly as the wedge inside that was my shaft no longer filled it. “That was good.” He said. I felt somewhat ashamed at that moment but he was right. It was good and it seemed unlikely that that was the last time

The Pizza Girl: Chapter 1

I didn’t care. I sped up and started pound her pussy as hard as I could fast, full strokes, as deep inside her as possible. “FUCK JACK JUST LIKE THAAAAAAAAA…..” She trailed off as she started shaking uncontrollably and came. She went limp and I just kept pounding. For some reason as much as I wanted to I couldn’t cum. Then I remembered Nikki’s

Friends get closer

just woken from one of the most erotic dreams I have ever had, rolling over onto my back I could feel the dampness between my legs and the pull of my top on my erect nipples. I slowly turned to sit up in my bed and had the quilt bunch up next to me as I sat. I lived with one of my closest friends and she was stunning. Put it this way if we

The Fun of Being Naked Outdoors

going to go for a walk, then sit in the sun and read all afternoon. I kidded myself that there was no reason why I shouldn’t go as far as that quiet little field, and that it was a nice place to sit anyway. The grass would be clean and dry, ideal for lying down and having an afternoon nap in the sun. I kept up the pretence with myself right up

Winter is Cumming

eyes were sparkling as she held my hand, possibly a concussion side effect. "My name is Hannah.  It's a pleasure meeting you."  As she rubbed her temple, she whispered, "Hi Hannah, I'm Winter...Winter Summer".During this trading of aliases I let my eyes travel over her delicious ass, so curvy it needed warning signs...and I was warned.  Leaning

Kinky Story about Me!

her. She slapped me across the face so I grabbed her by her arms pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, my tongue totally exploring her mouth and my cock bulging, pressing firmly against her crotch. Her hands immediately found my cock and she could not get my pants off quick enough. As she pulled my boxer briefs down my thick 8 inch

Rekindling An Old Taboo

found the round fullness of her ass, and I pulled her even tighter to me. All thoughts of any wrong doing no longer matter, and I was more than willing to see this to it’s wonderful conclusion. It was a little strange seeing her dark complexion pressed against my barely tanned skin, the sight was actually turning me on, as my tastes had always

Ember and Ashe - Chapter Three

muscle, attitude and irritation. "Look at me, Eimi." She shook her head. "Please do me the honor of looking at me when I address you, Yoshikawa Eimi." My Japanese, even though rough, had the desired effect. My words struck her like a blow. The phrase, though polite, had been delivered in an angry tone. Perhaps a touch more forceful than I

Oh So Friendly Part 1.

she said and rolled off the bed. She was working up a bunch of anger. It did not matter she had been having sex with a thirteen year old boy, she wanted to “protect” her daughters.We got dressed and drove to my house. When we got there I thought it looked like the set for a fuck movie. Mom had her face buried in Brenda’s Pussy. Cindy was sucking

Unexpected Result

truth was almost there when I would get my first ever cane stroke given by someone else. I had experience of caning myself, quite hard I thought, so I was prepared, but now wondered if the real thing would match up to my hopes and dreams?I was still looking at Lauren’s bare legs when I saw her muscles tense. This was it. I clearly remember


hard again, and she told me she wanted me to stick it in her so she could feel as good as her mom did.With some misgivings, and thinking about jail and the electric chair, I rubbed my dick up and down her wet little slit. She loved it and said: "Don't stop, put it in me!" So not being sure if it would fit or if it would hurt her, I gently pushed

Kate, Catherine and more Big Black Cocks than you can Imagine! Chapter 3

the electro shock had left her totally naked and in a pool of cum! The black brothers now with some concern had carefully dragged her to a dryer area of the floor and again with warm wet towels and Kates help did a credible job of cleaning her up. She still naked, leaking cum, and with black hands all over her had been taken to the elevator and

old lady turned me on to cock

there was a guy a big man he was naked and he had a 9in cocki couldnt belive it he reach in my shorts and started stroking my cock i was so fucking hot now ,i went to my kneeses and suck my first cock,and i must admit i was good,licking sucing and kissing that huge cocksucking his balls i really enjoy giving headthan he shot a huge load in my

My Speedo Fetish

licking of their Speedos. Nathan and Justin were slowly priming each other, building the pressure inside each bulging pouch until they were ready to cream their Speedos. They eagerly awaited the first release of juice inside their Speedos as they pumped their cocks in unison. Justin and Nathan came at the same time, horny cocks pumping furiously

New Horizons

immediately to her nipples. The size of her aerola, was proportionate to her boobs. They were capped off by amazing nipples that looked like large pencil erasers and stuck out a good distance from the rest of her fleshy globes. I gave each one a pinch between my thumb and forefinger which drew a low moan from her. After a seemingly endless

Monnies secret

husband was happy. It wasn’t often that they went out with their close friends, but this was a special occasion, a lunchtime meal for them all to celebrate her birthday. Travelling fifty miles to meet might seem excessive but it was worth it. They met up in the pub carpark at noon, Monnie was wearing her favourite dress and it fitted in all the

Shadows Ivy

and aspiring stage dancers… perhaps a rainbow or two. I managed to slip narrowly through the cracks and received a very thin sheepskin diploma. I was ready to seek the high and low fronts of being a weather person. Meteorology ran amok in the clan as my Uncle Julius had been chasing April Showers since she got her training tassels for her

Amy Ch. 19

coming and finally the explosion that she felt the length of her body, in her brain, in her bones and veins, no boundaries, no borders right then between the two of them as lifted her to those heights from which she never wanted to leave, but did . . . eventually. ‘That’s right sweetie. Fill me up!’ she moaned, her voice a strained whisper as he

Cheating while my wife breastfeeds

recognised as belonging to one of my employees Emily. Emily was the girl that I was presently having an affair with. She had obviously followed my earlier instructions to deliver important documents to my house and was now waiting inside with my wife. It would have been easier to meet Emily at my office or a hotel but that was much too timid for

A First Time Glory Hole Slut

him a “definitely” when he asked me to the party. I had to work that day and got to the party a little later than I would usually get to them. When I arrived, there were plenty of people there, most were already more than a little drunk. I found Steve in the kitchen and gave him a hug. He gave me a drink and told me to catch up to everyone else.

24 Degenerate Hours

into Stephanie’s double stuffed cunt. Stephanie licks her lips as she sharply rocks back on Triple H’s cock, grinding her juicy ass against his waist while X-Pac forces his cock deeper into her stuffed pussy. ‘Mmmm… ahhh… mmmm!’ Triple H grunts as he feels X-Pac’s cock moving quicker against his own as they fuck Stephanie’s twat at the same time.


them dance around in her. Sheryl dropped her seat back and kicked off her heels. She had this salacious glow that had me hard as steel. She swiveled until she was sideways in the seat facing me, giving me a better angle to work from. Our eyes locked, and then she tore off her top. My eyes travelled down to her perky, cupcake-sized breasts.

Tryst With An Ex

the movie," she suddenly said to me, breaking the silence between us."What are you doing?" I asked, wondering if she was leaving."I'm going to suck your cock," she said matter of factly.Without saying another word, she began to pull down my underwear. I bent my knees to help her in this chore. Once I was naked from the waist down, she gripped my

Deep Secret Ch. 08 – Oral

‘I guess I have done some editing, just showing the bits that turn me on, but I’m not sure how you’ll feel about them. You’ll probably think I’m a perv.’ So there we were. Simone seemed upset, but I couldn’t tell exactly what had set her off. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel like I was a sexist pig. For what it was worth, I didn’t


arched, knees soft so you don’t fall, unconscious, to the floor. You have no idea, how long I’ll leave you standing like this. You’ve learned from experience how to endure this pose for hours. You feel sometimes as though you could stand this way for days, if only I would stand as I am, my warmth radiating from my body, one hand on your hip,

The Trials of Dara Firebird Ch. 03

Your destiny is to be more than a chandler’s daughter — much, much more. When you are strong enough, old enough, you must seek the help of someone. Far away, in High Reach, you must find Father Remarkus, he will help you. Tell him who you are, and that you are from Castle Olafson. He will recognize you…tell me you will do this. TELL ME!’ Weeping,

Chat Room Lovers Ch. 2

the bed and straddled his hips with her thighs and gently lowered herself onto him as she smiled down at him. She then moved her upper body over his mouth and sighed as he suckled on her nipples while she rode him. The need between them grew more and she began to move faster with shorter strokes, he reached out to massage her clit while she was

The Chess Club part 2

based on common sense with an aggressive attitude. We worked late into the night to perfect their new style. At the end of the night I thought they could do well.As they left I gave them hugs. Jim held me tight whispering in my ear “thank you.” It was a sensuous hug that made me feel warm inside.On Friday the boys stopped by for me to wish them